Speaking Test Video

About the FCE Speaking Test

  • The Speaking Test takes about 14 minutes.

  • You do the test with a partner, or occasionally in a group of three.

  • There are two examiners. One will ask questions, the other will just listen.

Click play to watch each video.

  • Video 1: Play Video
    The examiner asks you some questions are about your life, for example about your family, your school, your likes and dislikes or how you spend your free time.
  • Video 2: Play Video
    You need to talk about two photographs and listen to your partner describing two photographs.
  • Video 3: Play Video
    You discuss some pictures with your partner and together try to make a decision about them.
  • Video 4: Play Video
    You have a conversation with your partner and the examiner on a topic related to the photographs from Part 3.